This isn’t my first blog.

I’ve attempted to blog before, and I think many writers have. Some have been successful, others have gotten sucked into the dark hole of college assignments, family crises, and a lack of time or inspiration. Personally, my first blog coincidentally crashed around the same time that finals hit. After that, I gave up on blogging for a little while. After all, anything that I had to say—writing tips that I got hyped up about, a break-through on the personality of one stubborn character, an in-depth probe on the character arc of a leading lady in my favorite musicalcould be said to friends.

Then, as the due date for college tuition approached, I realized that starting my own business was necessary.  As someone who has also watched entrepreneurial adventures crash and burn, I was leery. After all, what could I sell? The traditional concept of cutesy potholders and handmade soap wasn’t going to do anything. In my situation, that would be the equivalent of throwing a pool toy into the rising waters of my tuition fees.

Consequently, I chose to monetize something that I’d been doing for quite some time—critiquing the work of other writers. The first time I ever attempted to critique someone’s work, I was paranoid. What if they were offended by what I told them? What did I know, anyway? Should I say that I had no idea what their main character was even thinking? How could I tell them what was good and bad about their book when my own fiction was in such desperate need of help?

It took me time to learn some of the mantras of the critiquing business. Firstly, critiquing others helps your own fiction dramatically. Secondly, critiquing isn’t an ethereal, subjective concept. There are guidelines and specific elements that should feature in each story. Thirdly, allowing your own work to be critiqued gives you a front-row seat on what works and what doesn’t. My journey to becoming a professional content editor has been lengthy, but I don’t regret anything that I learned along the way.

When I chose to start a business, I knew that I could combine my critiquing knowledge and desire to help other writers achieve their dreams into one package. As the idea of a business began to sprout, I realized that having a blog was more than a side dish to my money-making venture. Blogging will be the heartbeat of this site, a way to find a tribe of people who are passionate about stories, blogging, and everything in between.

Tell me your story! Have you ever blogged before? What do you blog about? 

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