Changing Course: Blogging Thoughts

Once upon a time, there was a small blogger who knew nothing about the blog-o-sphere. An older relative offered to help her learn, but no. She was going to learn how to do itΒ herself. So she did. She created a run-of-the-mill blog, cramming weekly posts with story snippets, collages, book reviews, and gifs. So many gifs. As finals loomed, blogging got to be a real chore. So she let the tiny blog wither up and die, going to the afterlife where all good blogs go.

Six months later, she was broke and facing college tuition, saving for a car, and all the other expenses that come with ‘adult-ing.” A brilliant idea came to her. Why not monetize the skills that she had used for friends over the years? Become a content editor! She happily started another blog, this time taking a bit more time and care. The posts were very focused, the tone professional enough to fit inside an office cubicle and look right at home.

Then, her blog had a one-month anniversary. She loved blogging, but something was missing. It took a bit of poking around other blogs to find out what she had missed.

Yes, I know everyone caught on around the second sentence. This blogger is me.

To be honest, I miss writing about different subjects. I miss writing about things other than: “how to _____ according to this famous book/musical.” Don’t get me wrong, I love reading books/listening to musicals/watching movies and posting about them. It makes me very happy. However, I need to expand, let go of the tight focus that I’ve kept this blog to. I’ll still be tying things back to writing and books, because I couldn’t talk about fashion or sports on this blog if I tried. I’m honestly looking forward to talking in a more relaxed tone. Blogging is talking to friends, not a bunch of strangers that are going to kill you if you misspell something. I’m looking forward to writing a few journal-style posts. And of course, I’m still looking forward to mining musicals and fandoms for writing gems to post like I’ve been doing before.

What are the elements of your favorite blogs? What do you blog about?


4 thoughts on “Changing Course: Blogging Thoughts

  1. Jane Maree says:

    My favourite things about a lot of the blogs I follow is the author. I love their styles and their friendliness. I love learning about /them/ through their blogs. Journal-style posts sounds like a cool idea. Also stuff about your novels because YAS. That’s another thing I love with some blogs. *nods*
    Personally I blog about writing, my WIPs, random life updates/stories, thoughtful posts on something I’ve been thinking about, fangirling, reviews, or just whatever happens. πŸ˜›


    • cassandrabarthuly says:

      so true ❀ honestly, I feel like I start following because I stumbled across something they wrote that I need (How to Write INTJs, for instance), and then I get sucked into their personality. Yesss. Randomness on blogs is a winner xp


  2. writefury says:

    Whoop for new things! I think even within the writing realms there’s a lot you can do. Character interviews, book reviews, short stories, snippets…. lotsa fun stuff. πŸ™‚


    • cassandrabarthuly says:

      Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. I’m so torn about character interviews. My inner Logical Slytherin is “welp they would be great if you published a book” but whenever I read character interviews on someone else’s blog (often unpublished authors) I”m slowly but surely sucked in.


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