Favorite Blog Posts: A Round-Up

I’d like to start a new end of the month tradition: where I post my favorite writing-related blog posts to share. (Note: I do solemnly swear that I am not a stalker. Some may be several years old. But I do not stalk. #confessionover) The blogs I’m featuring this month are: Helping Writers Become Authors, One Year Adventure Novel, and Paper Fury. Ready? Let’s go.

Helping Writers Become Authors

Okay, so I love outlining. Sort of. I love the benefits of being able to see my story all beautifully mapped out, seeing where my favorite characters breeze in, and seeing the theme + character arcs at a glance. What I don’t love is actually….outlining. I have more exciting things to do than write “Motivation: Spite and Lack of Cheesecake.” (yes. i need to find a better way for me to outline xp) That being said, I enjoyed this post by K.M. Weiland that blitzed through the basic structure points without spending hours elaborating on each one.

Image result for spiteful supernatural gifs

One Year Adventure Novel

Characters are definitely my one true love. There’s so much space to play around with them, and the high of creating your own multi-faceted precious baby exactly how you want them is so beautiful. That’s not to say that I haven’t struggled with cliche or flat characters. Sometimes, all it takes is reading a list of character cliches, realizing my character fits into them, and flipping that cliche around. Sometimes, it takes watching a movie or book to get inspired. This post addresses some weak, floppy character types that deserve to be chased out of your novel with an ax.

Paper Fury

Any blog that solemnly swears eternal allegiance and respect to cake and world domination has my immediate respect. I’m gonna be honest, this is one of my favorite outlining posts because it gives me hope that outlining is more than bullet-pointed Times New Roman font. Also, the listing of things that she likes and wants to write into a book. It makes me happy. Because listing things in aesthetic fashion in order to stuff them into a story is what I live for. Chocolate cake, tulips, Google searches, sassy texts, dyed hair…all things I love and fit neatly into my current WIP. Also, God bless Pinterest. I wholeheartedly agree with that.

Are your favorite blog posts of the month your own or someone else’s?


8 thoughts on “Favorite Blog Posts: A Round-Up

  1. Jem Jones says:

    I have a character whose motivation at the start is mostly spite xD

    OOH THANK YOU. I wasn’t following Paper Fury then, and it’s really hard to skim through her old posts, so this link will be vastly helpful!


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