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{disclaimer: all credit for inspiring this post goes to this website and this one. Now for a return to regularly scheduled programming.}

Here’s how a tag works, kids. You answer the questions, thank the blogger who tagged you, and answer the questions. Then, you tag five more bloggers to answer it. Unless they heavily stalk your blog, they will not magically know that you nominated them. So use the contact form on their site or something, man.

Obviously thanking myself would be a slight waste of time, so I’ll move onto tagging the lucky bloggers:

Jane Maree





Do all of you do tags? Is it against your religion? Are you too busy eating brownies and moaning over your manuscripts? I have no idea. Tags are just a more dignified game of Russian roulette, in my opinion. Now for the questions:

  • What is your novel about?

    My current WIP (under the title of How to Mock Electricity)is about a medic and an assassin working together in a futuristic sci-fi world to save superhumans. The aesthetic story board describes it far better than I can, though.

  • Did you start with the story or the characters?

    The characters. Of course. I honestly can’t think of a novel of mine where I began with the story, since I love characters much more than plot. The story initially began as a dystopian romance, which is actually funny to look at it now. The main character, Atlas, was still an assassin, but he had a love interest. Now, Atlas has no love interest, but oh well. He’s too cranky to deserve one.

  • What led you to write it?

    So many things. I’m not a fan of accomplishing research, so I decided to write a sci-fi story. I didn’t even consider about all the research that including different religions + allergies + medical issues would include! Additionally, I wanted to write a story that was more diverse than my previous ones. All skin shades, ages, morality levels, health issues, and so forth. But what really drove me to write this story was emphasizing that just because someone does bad things, doesn’t mean that they are always an irredeemable person.

  • What real-life events or people-inspired events or characters in this book?

I’ve been part of a young writers’ forum since I was fifteen. One of the authors there had a very dark assassin character named Reese. He was a huge inspiration for Atlas’ character. Additionally, coming across the album Blurryface at the same time that I began brainstorming this story was a huge help as to the whole feel of the main character.

  • What authors or stories inspired you as a writer?

    Quite a few writers inspired this, to be honest. Firstly, S.E. Hinton inspired me to write anti-heroes. She was a much bigger influence in my last WIP, but that anti-hero influence is still strong with me. Secondly, Mark Twain. Oh my gosh. His educated sass to underline his theme with satire inspired me as a very young writer.

    I’m going to be honest, Eric Kripke (creator of Supernatural) has inspired me so. dang. much. That is weird, considering I’ve not officially watched the show. His mastery of 3-D characters and brother relationships has twisted its way into my writing until the centerpiece of all my recent WIPs have been brother relationships. How To Mock Electricity is no different.

If you want to do the tag, then feel free to grab it!

Post your links in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Q&A: Writer’s Tag

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    OH I loved reading this! And I LOVE your title and also your pitch is super intriguing already. 😍 And Supernatural has totally inspired a lot of my writing too, eeep, although I’m not such a fan of the later seasons but like woah the characters. THE BEST.


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