What Characters Would You Take to A Deserted Island?

These are the important questions of bookworm life that deserve to be pondered. After all, you never know when characters could come to life and join you….when your pirate crew mutinies and leaves you on an island. Or maybe that’s just if you’re Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow.

I put a ridiculous amount of thought into the whys and wherefores after I saw this blogging prompt from an old Top Ten Tuesday post (yes it’s Wednesday. I also have a calendar.)

Sodapop Curtis.

I sifted through the whole gang of The Outsiders for a suitable candidate. Johnny and Ponyboy couldn’t even survive in the countryside without getting a humble church set on fire. My apologies to the boys, but I’d rather have someone a little less clumsy by my side on a deserted island. Sodapop would keep up morale and be the optimist that everyone needs in such a dire situation. Additionally, since Darry would automatically come for him, you get a double deal of a rescue team and Sodapop’s optimism.

Linh Cinder.

Because who doesn’t need a cyborg to help them survive? You’ve got to hand it to her, the girl has a knack for survival. She would be able to research which plants are poisonous, and plus the tranquilizer darts on her hand wouldn’t be bad either.

Additionally, all the people that are after her would show up on the island eventually, so again, a rescue team magnet. That could be a pro or a con, depending on how badly you want to reenact Jack Sparrow’s run down the beach with the addition of psychotic Lunars after you.

Tony Stark.

Since my survival skills are zilch (I think I like hot showers and Wi-Fi too much to be the rugged wilderness woman), I’m picking all the useful characters out of fiction to make sure I stay alive. Yes. I’m selfish.

Tony Stark basically proved that he could take scrap metal and blast himself out of anything, so definitely the guy I want by my side. He could come up with the inventions to keep us all alive and provide entertaining snark while he’s at it.

Idgie Threadgoode

I actually don’t have a Very Useful Reason for bringing her along. Sure, she can cook, but I’ve got a feeling that there is a sad and distinct lack of frosting, tomatoes, or barbecue on this island. I just want to meet her. And also admire her fab personality and hair because I’m a fan of both.

I’ve got a list that is approximately 2.75 feet long of characters that I want to take with me. Unfortunately, I believe there’s space limitations on islands. Not to mention the dysfunctional wars that would break out with all these crazy characters together. All of them have a talent for violence except Sodapop. So either I’ve created a dream team or a potential bloodbath. I’m not sure which.

which characters would you take with you? why?

6 thoughts on “What Characters Would You Take to A Deserted Island?

  1. writefury says:

    yesss dream team ❤
    I'd…. sorry, I can't imagine myself on a desert island with anyone other than the survival crew. XD
    I'd probably bounce back and forth between helping Kaz out and being Wolfgang's partner in crime.


    • cassandrabarthuly says:

      I wanted to include them so much xp Especially Kaz, because he would make sure everything ended up ok. My other options were Sam Winchester {because he would do the Research to keep us all alive. plus Dean would come for him. a 2-for-1 package deal there.}, Thorne, Angelica Schuyler, Tigger, and the whole Scarlet/Wolf/Cress/Jacin/Winter team xp

      Liked by 1 person

      • writefury says:

        The survival crew is such a circus, but dang they’d be fun. XD and Kaz would make everything ok.
        YES ALL OF THEM.
        I’d definitely bring Thorne. He’s surprisingly good at surviving.
        Angelica would provide some nice musical entertainment. XD


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