Beautiful Books 2017

This tag is brutal. It’s like choosing which child to throw off a cliff. I currently have 3 WIPs on the stove: one in editing stages {after many rewrites….}, one in second rewrite stage, and the other is just being thrown dog biscuits to keep it alive until I can get to it.

Since I last used my sci-fi story for the last round of Paper Fury awesomeness, I’m switching to my all-time favorite story child.

Describe what your novel is about!

A sassypants boy who can’t keep on the straight and narrow if he tried. Stabbiness. 1982 Los Angeles. Kidnappings. Road trips. Fire.

Also what happens when your police officer mom finds out you used to be in a gang, just before her birthday. -cue Happy Birthday theme- And then people die. And then your mom is taken hostage and a road trip is order while your overly cranky grandfather tries not to murder you while your cinnamon roll best friend is simultaneously throwing confetti and betraying you.

Fun times.

Also this:

Image result for family don't end in blood gif dean 'inside man'

What inspired the idea for your novel, and how long have you had the idea?

I owe this novel to S.E. Hinton and Bruce Springsteen, honestly. I read The Outsiders long before I ever watched the movie or had to read it for school, and it inspired me so much. The concept of a gang-that-doesn’t-do-anything {beyond obviously get themselves killed and set churches on fire and rob grocery stores but wHATEVER} was so great, as well as the different personalities and street settings and just agh.

This novel actually started out as a “Vietnam soldier comes home” story, which is why it was inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” The story has still kept that rebel tone, and the main character, Mike, attitude still reflects the song, but no one goes to Vietnam. Yay.

What is your book’s aesthetic? Use words or photos or whatever you like!

My book’s aesthetic -squee- God bless whoever suggested this question because I’m basically still here for the aesthetic of it all.

This story is:

Overprotective brothers, rock ‘n’ roll, road trips, blood, thievery, apple pie, 1982, betrayal, chocolate waffles, Mickey Mouse, summer, lies, ripped up jeans, broken beer bottles, stupid boys, Romeo and Juliet, gas stations, the slums, coffee, jukeboxes, neon signs, swear jars, Converse, vending machines, twinkle lights, cassettes, pool hustles, and fireworks. 

Also Pinterest:


Introduce us to each of your characters!

There’s so many how am I supposed to do this in a reasonably sized blog post jeez.


  • Mike. ESTP poster child, lawbreaker, overprotective brother, has the planning capabilities of an ostrich, and also Morally Questionable.
  • Patrick. INFJ, outer space, dyslexic, younger brother.
  • Lisa. Rock and roll, hardcore theater kid, The Lumineers, and probably ENFJ.
  • -Grandpa Anderson. Could we just sing “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” and sum up his entire personality? Thank you.
  • Lacey. Fierce mom friend that lives on the straight and narrow. Major bookworm.
  • Cash James aka Cadillac. Hufflepuffiest of all the Hufflepuffs. Appreciates balloons, Winnie-the-Pooh, and just wants a friend. Incurable flirt and horrible car thief because let’s face it, he struggles with stealing a skateboard.

How do you prepare to write? (Outline, research, stocking up on chocolate, howling, etc.?)

All of the above???

-straightens tie- I usually make up Spotify playlists and Pinterest boards. {Because those are the most important parts of the entire process, jeez.} After that, I brainstorm, outline, do a bit of research {did they have flip phones in ’82? Apparently not}. I’m definitely an outliner, so I like to poke and prod and plot things out in great detail. Usually it ends up with very Detailed bullet points that are veered from at some point in the story, and periodic sassy remarks for my own entertainment. Because why do it if I’m not greatly amused at my own dazzling wit and intellect.

I also lay on the floor periodically and howl at the ceiling because why not.

What are you most looking forward to about this novel?

As I delve into edits, I’m most looking forward to the MC + his narration! First person past tense is my very favorite way to tell a story, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing in third lately. So I’m happy to delve into my favorite narration again.

Also, Mike’s voice is the easiest for me to get into, out of all the characters I’ve ever written. Like a pair of old shoes. They ocassionally fail you but they feel quite cozy while doing it. His observations on life (or lack thereof) and sarcasm make him quite fun to write.


What are your book’s themes?

Image result for "just because you're blood doesn't mean you're family" gif spn


who do you think your favorite character would be? are you doing nanowrimo or the beautiful books tag?

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Books 2017

  1. Chelsea R. H. says:

    “overly cranky grandfather tries not to murder you while your cinnamon roll best friend is simultaneously throwing confetti and betraying you.” Oh my goodness, your book’s description is just…this looks like it’ll be a super snarky and humorous read. 😀 Good luck with it!


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