What’s On My Fall Book List?

I think an ideal TBR would be ‘stacks of books all piled up neatly in aesthetic order’. My TBR is mostly in my head, waiting for my library to get it together and the loose change in my pockets to magically multiply. That being said, I’m really excited to read the following books this fall:

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

I could go back and forth about John Green. I loved The Fault in Our Stars. Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherines … I didn’t even finish them. I understand including content to make it true to the characters, but the amount of crude/sexual innuendoes seemed very overkill. So I’m curious to see what Turtles All the Way Down brings to the table. I read the preview on Amazon, and I’m entranced by the way he worked the MC’s situation into the narrative without it ever seeming clunky. I can’t wait to have my heart shredded by this read.

The Hate U Give.

This is far out of my usual “book comfort zone”. The main place I read about it was Nadine Brandes’ newsletter, and I looked it up. I honestly don’t know where I’ll land on this book, either. The writing has a super strong voice and sense of place, judging by previews, but I have also heard that it has strong political themes, too. So I’m curious about this read, for sure.

The Wingfeather Saga.

I actually don’t know much about this one at all? I’m going off a recommendation from writefury, so it made it on my list. -googles it- Ah. Fantasy. Okay. I am now well educated regarding the Wingfeather Saga.

In all seriousness, though, I have heard stunning things about them, so I’m so excited for my library to get these in.

Navigating Early.

I actually got most of the way through it this summer, and shelved it. I tend to do that when I get mildly bored with a storyline and then blindly throw it in the “return to the library” bag, because why give it a chance to redeem itself. I almost did that with The Lunar Chronicles because the storyline of Scarlet required brainwork,and why would I give that to a book. I count that as a crisis very narrowly averted.

Actually, the main reason I never liked the concept of a TBR because it always makes me rethink my life choices. Because a TBR list equals cOMMITMENT and then if I read the book and hate it, I lay on the floor quietly and contemplate my existence. What if someone takes my list as a legit recommendation and then misjudges my Fine Literary Taste and just why. Why.

do you have a TBR list/pile? do you like the concept? what’s on your list? have you read the books in mine?

2 thoughts on “What’s On My Fall Book List?

  1. writefury says:

    again, I desperately need you to fangirl with me when you finish. also I’m pretty sure you’ll cry at the end. -squint-
    Navigating Early too. ❤ it deeeefinitely takes a while to pick up and I pretty much didn't drop it because my alternative reading was Jane Eyre and I've been procrastinating that with the utmost dedication. but once you get past the middle or so wow. O_O
    The Hate U Give…. meeehhh I'd like to hear your thoughts? I've seen snippets of it/flipped through at the library and it looks like a lot of unnecessary F-bombs and "all white people are stupid jerks and black people are the only ones with souls" so yeah.


    • cassandrabarthuly says:

      i’m looking forward to it so much ❤ i usually go into a grand reading slump after charging through a series, so that's where I've been since the Lunar Chronicles.

      ahh ❤ i read jane eeyre…a long time ago? i think i tossed it aside because i was Smol and rochester's alternate wife deal freaked me out. idk man.

      i've heard a lot of back and forth about it?? so yeah, it's definitely not my usual cup of tea, but i guess i'll see where i land . {really tho i Judge so many books by the initial flip-through. is the MC witty? do i want to bring them home with me? does it smell all inky and stiff like a book should? does the cover make me want to frame it forever? so many important questions.}


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