Top 5 Books That Need A Theme Song

If the world were a perfect place, a theme song would play from the heavens when I cracked open one of my favorite books. Usually, it’s pretty easy to associate a certain book with an aesthetic and a theme song. I got this blogging prompt from an old Top Ten Tuesday post, so bless them.

Moon Over Manifest.

This read by Clare Vanderpool encapsulates the 1930s’: dusty roads, hopping off a train, a tiny town, newspaper print, and separated families. The song that I associate this book with is Automobile by Kaleo. The slow, rusty sound of the music matches the feel of the story.

The Lost Girl of Astor Street.

Stephanie Morrill’s newest release (the cover tho. It’s soft and blue and 1920s’. I’m not a major his-fic person anymore, but I love this book so much). Flowers in Your Hair by the Lumineers is slightly whimsical and rebellious, just like this story. The noir mystery vibe, complete with the feel of 1924 Chicago and Piper Sail makes me happy.

The Outsiders.

Unlike the majority of books featured in my English classes, this is one of my favorite reads. Even though the complete novel version of the movie has a soundtrack courtesy of Elvis and a few other ’50s and ’60s artists, I’ve never been a big fan of that era. (Even though it adds so much to the movie and I love it.) Hot Blood by Kaleo (again) captures the rebellious rock and roll feel of the story. I’ve also always thought that it would be a good theme song for Dallas Winston.

A Monster Calls.

I recently read this story by Patrick Ness. It deals with some super heavy topics, but it does so in an appropriate, heart-breaking way. Also the artwork. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the illustrations, please? Run Boy Run by Woodkid seems to sum up the main character’s desperate emotional situation.

Winter from The Lunar Chronicles.

Monster by Imagine Dragons encapsulates everyone’s constant battle: to use their Lunar powers if they have them, or not. To fight, or not. To see themselves as helping others through their Lunar gifts, or as monsters for manipulating others. There’s so many different songs by the title of ‘Monster’, but this one strikes a nice balance between sending a message and being too heavy to deal with.

what is the theme song of your favorite book? what is the theme song of your current WIP?

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