Genres I Want to

Looking at my current stock of library reads, there’s a fairly common theme. Each book takes place either now, or in the near future. The real world is mostly the same (no spaceships or Star Wars-esque technology), but something is tweaked. There is a deadly library (Ink and Bone + Paper and Fire), there are monsters afoot (Our Dark Duet) and so forth.

While I’ve experimented a lot in other genres to know that I have certain tastes: the romance genre is not my friend, I don’t care for standard Christian fiction, traditional fantasy (think elves and dwarves running around wreaking havoc), or Westerns. There are a few genres that I would like to experiment with in the coming months, though.


Until I spent some time trolling through the official Marvel site, I didn’t realize just how much of the movies had been pulled from the comics, plot-wise. It was fun to read through and see how the movies changed the original comics. However, I’d really love to get into reading actual comics (mostly the X-Men, but also Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye comics). I’m not sure how hard these will or will not be to find at my library.

Graphic novels.

Confession: the main reason I’m interested at all is because of Marissa Meyer’s two graphic novels, the Wires and Nerve books. Apparently #2 came out today, so I’d like to catch up on #1. I’m completely down for reading more about the Lunar Chronicles world, so I’m excited.

Also, I’d like to follow this story. I read it in novel form, and now she’s turning it into a graphic novel/comic? I’m not sure of the difference. I should research.


I went through a lengthy phase as a small child where I read a lot of your Classic Poetry: Tennyson, Longfellow, Dickinson, Whitman, and so forth. I’m becoming more interested in reading free verse style poems.

This poem was recommended to me: Gate A-4, and I loved it. I definitely want to read more poetry by this author/in this style. I’m guessing I’ll be reading more poetry as I take a few creative writing classes in the spring, but this will be a nice start.

what genres do you often find yourself in?

where would you like to expand?

what comics would you recommend?


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