Content Editing

If you’re looking for a professional edit on your manuscript, please contact me to discuss the details of your manuscript and a suitable time frame for your project. 🙂 Please include your genre, word count, title, intended audience, a brief synopsis, and type of edit.

 Inclusive Edit: ($600 for a 50k manuscript) This edit is the most in-depth one I offer. It includes a two-page summary of my large-scale critiques, in addition to 300+ comments per 50,000 words. This will address overarching elements such as plot, character development, and reader engagement, and how they work into your novel on a smaller scale.

Summary Edit: ($450 for a 50k manuscript) This edit is a large-scale critique, where I offer 5+ pages of feedback on the big stuff. Emotion, pacing, plot, theme, point-of-view, and character development are a few of the categories that I’ll address in this edit.

First Ten Pages: $40 The first ten pages of your manuscript are crucial territory for hooking readers, editors, or agents. I will include one page of feedback, in addition to 50+ comments on this beginning section of your manuscript.

First Fifty Pages: $125. If you’re looking for something more than ten pages, but aren’t ready to commit with your entire manuscript, this edit will work well for you. I will review this section of your manuscript with 100+ comments, in addition to one page of feedback to address overarching story elements.