• “Thank you very much for your beta read! You were incredibly thorough. You highlighted some glaring and not so glaring mistakes. You were able to constructively add a better alternative. You also provide excellent positive feedback so I know when I’m headed in the right direction.” ~Donnie


  • “Thank you for taking the time to read my excerpt!  While I don’t think you are the type of person that this book appeals to, your difference from that type of person allowed you to uncover a lot of mistakes worth fixing that the target audience might not have caught.  You seem very professional and I wish you had been able to read the whole novel to comment on stuff like theme and overall character development.” ~Garrett 


  • “I’m an author of fantasy and short story retellings, and decided to take advantage of Cassandra Barthuly’s content editing services. She doesn’t sugarcoat her responses, but rather leaves straightforward, insightful comments that have immensely improved my story. I thoroughly recommend her services.” ~Rebekah DeVall